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To: Brendan Morse
Subject: wandering thirst
Brendan hi great to meet you the other day and thanks very much for your time
I am having limited success with Boreen Point data have gone down a few channels, Council, metrology, harbours and marine, EPA & DPI, CSIRO, not having a real lot of success on specifics their all a bit vague. Have some outstanding emails out to local people like the water catchment association etc

BREAK THROUGH spoke with local Paul Willsteed (member of water catchment association) and he guided me to information relevant to the lake on the BOM site (see
Lake Cootharaba/boreen point only experiences one tide a day varying only 5cm
Because of this limited change its reported to have hardly any prevailing currents (this fact was also agreed with locally)
Lake Cootharaba is about 10 kms long and 5 kms wide and is part of the Noosa River system and the Great Sandy Region.

Average depth in the Lake is only 1.2m, you can touch bottom almost anywhere and the deepest bit is probably only just over 2m.-5m in centre. Half a metre
out from shore the lake is no more than 1/2 metre, this is where we will be (will not be able to measure exactly at present because of the recent floods up there
have created higher than normal tides)

Have attached information from BOM site (link below if needed) the closes site is Tewantin but Paul Willsteed reported that Tewantin will have
similar weather data to the Lake

Paul did mention that depending on wind direction there can be some wave action, but thought that the engineer would have a universal rule that could be applied
to calculate windspeed to wave ratio's
Brendan have also attached updated drawing that gives better proportions
hope this all helps will update if any new information comes in before Tuesdays meeting

cheers corrie

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