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Caloundra Gallery - students work in progress
Pacific Lutheran College Students
Corrie Wright
Visual/performance art
Working in a diversity of forms and processes Corries’ practice reflects a strong relational role for art. Applying different media elements such as sculpture, installation, multi-media, printmaking and artist books the work is very much concerned with interaction, collaboration and process. The concepts are grounded in all forms but tend to be a cross-fertilisation of ideas, concepts and content. This is also reflected in the constant movement between exhibitions, site specific, installation, collaborative working relationships and performance.

The Leaves Breathe
Leaves Breathe will consider the urban tree as significant. While considering the impact of the urban tree on our lives Corrie intends to engage community, work interactively and collaboratively with others to produce progressive site specific installation performances.
Leaves breathe is a performance based interactive installation that has Corrie venturing into urban areas with her trusty old sewing machine. This in itself is not unique but the difference lies in what, where and how Corrie sews, leaves!
Corrie’s project called Leaves Breathe will investigate the urban tree and consider a * social-ecological perspective that recognizes complex interactions as a central component for the wellbeing of trees. This perspective focuses on towns as urban ecosystems and dynamic environments in which the flora and fauna are a direct result of the human influence.

* social-ecological perspective is a framework to examine the multiple effects and interrelatedness of social elements in an environment. Social ecology is the study of people in an environment and the influences on one another.

How important to towns and town dwellers is the urban tree? How important in the urban context is the tree linked to our wellbeing?
Trees should be at the heart of every discussion about urban environments. Urban trees when well planned promote ecological stability by providing habitats for wildlife, conserving soil and enhancing biodiversity, yet the urban tree is experiencing untold pressure as town developments compete for space.
An improved understanding of the emotional and symbolic meaning of trees could enable us to provide the kind of settings that contribute to a significant and satisfying sense of place in the urban landscape.

The back ground
The science is about the tree benefits and how the tree achieves these benefits for us. Trees are the greatest of nature’s engines because of photosynthesis. Trees you could say are the super heroes of the urban environments. There is lots of science data to support this but who reads it? How do you create an image that represents this data in a creative visual way?

Students are asked to research the structural science of trees – how do trees do what they do to help the environment?
Under the theme of ‘tree as super hero’ students are asked to create a series of innovative visual drawings or stencil prints that represent what research suggests creatively. It could cover areas like;
• How trees store carbon
• Leaves are the meeting place of carbon dioxide
• What is the tree cycle

Please consider your drawings from the super hero prospective to open up a variety of styles that could be considered in your drawings. Corrie would like to suggest that these drawings or stencils could be transferred into postcards and or posters. You are only limited by your imagination!

These are only suggestions many more possibilities are available please visit for links to research sites or contact Corrie at

Recommended websites:
Tree Net
National tree day http //
Art in the public interest:
Green Museum
Queensland Conservation
Suzi Gablik – the Reenchantment of art

Participating Schools to date;
Pacific Lutheran College; year 10 Teacher Denise McMahon

Pacific Lutheran College Students

My focus is on trees protecting us with their shade.

The lungs of the tree are out, like a secret that has been kept forever is out.

Trees provide shade to animals and people. Trees protect us from the sun and are a home for many animals.
My focus is for the shade and protection in and around trees.

The focus of my artwork is how trees protect things in our world such as animals and the environment.

My focus is how the trees help us breath, by showing the tree with lungs, the black lungs dying, with only a little bit of life left. Then there is the pink one showing it’s healthy and will keep us alive meaning we should keep our trees alive to help us survive.

Trees breathe and provide us with oxygen.

My focus is that trees are the lungs of the planet. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. CO2 is major contributor to greenhouse effect. Trees trap CO2 from the atmosphere and make carbohydrates that are used for plant growth. They give us oxygen in return.

My focus is the strength, shade and protection of trees.

My focus was on how the trees “transform” all bad things that contribute to carbon dioxide into oxygen so we can breathe.

My focus is on the trees being superhero because they provide us oxygen. The tissue paper represents the oxygen flowing through the trees and out the top and into the environment.

My message is demonstrated through my artwork. I focused on if trees die the release carbon dioxide, which badly, is breaking up what’s left of the oxygen. It’s seen through the white tissue breaking (the oxygen) over the square (old oxygen).

My message is that trees offer shade and protection to those smaller than them.

My focus was to show how trees protect and shelter the environment by using tree branches to create a shield around the environment.

The dark side is the CO2 being drawn in. The light side is the oxygen being blown out. Together they represent lungs.

My focus is on trees helping us to breathe by producing oxygen. The picture shows a tree as a filtering lung that filters out carbon dioxide making the air safe for us to breathe in.
The focus of this design is shade produced by trees. Trees are essential for shade and shelter from the sun on a hot day this natural shade is used by people and animals.
Rayne De Jonk
My focus is on shade. The design is focuced on trees and branches of their shadows ad from all three trees.

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