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FAKE CAKE - NRG- known associates

 In 2016, the Oxford Dictionary officially added a new word/term to the English language ... POST TRUTH.

Since then, as we accelerate towards a world informed and altered by Artificial Intelligence, words like Pig Butchering, Delulu, Doxxing and Algospeak are also in common use. These terms point not only to a change in language but to our perception of reality and what we might have once assumed were fundamental truths.

In response to this phenomenon, artists Tamara Kirby & Corrie Wright are entering the cyber world to coin their own word and claim copyright!

FAKE CAKE is here!

Just as a curated reality can create a disconnect between appearances and truths, FAKE CAKE delves into the concept of the sweet/bitter; an analogy for the illusory façade of well-being, security, and happiness that society often packages and sells to us as ‘truth’. This work probs the origins of illusion, ranging from media influences to social norms and political narratives.  Our response ponders the intriguing accord between the sweetbitter mirroring, the complexities of ‘it’.  As an apocalyptic pronoun ‘it’ serves as the focal point of this research, embodying a multiplicity of meanings and interpretations. 


 FAKE CAKE raises questions about the nature of truth and interrogates the blurred line of where reality merges with illusion. Will the depreciating power of 'truth', over time, erode the fabric of our real and everyday lives?

 Do we even care?

Meanwhile as the building blocks of the Fakery (Bakery) rise and fall with our appetite caught in perpetual re-flux, the distant promises of pristine planets abound!

Tamara Kirby & Corrie Wright

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

2021 Floating Land - CLASH

Clash - Tamara Kirby & Corrie Wright CLASH - 
A seemingly ‘transmogrified’ landscape of seven hundred tiny cushions morphing the rocky outcrop, a paradox that poses the ambiguous question…’how far are we prepared to go’? As we enter a new heightened era of global awareness we utilize our installations to further critique pending climate change issues. Our intervention in nature aims to accentuate the need to consider a ‘soft landing’ in our future approach, to minimise and cushion the effects our impakt has on habitats. Being environmental artists we are continually compelled to offer ephemeral installations that stimulate conversations and question our place in the environmental agenda. In our work we deliberately introduce synthetic materials into nature to form a contrast, a CLASH, a prickle in the side, a point of departure from the coveted pristine territories we all desire….and can never have.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

2019 Floating Land SiteLine

SiteLine - Tamara Kirby & Corrie Wright
SiteLine exposes a fragment of the vast hidden network of lines, trails and pathways throughout our environment. From point to point co-ordinances, the network is open ended system connected by invisible membranes. The watchtower an elevated platform constructed to view, oversee, signal and deliver warning.

The myriad of membranes are subjected to constant disruption as natural and unnatural forces forge their way through life. Some disruptions move over the membrane and dissipate without a trace, others are filtered through, leaving a recorded residue for eternity.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

2017 Floating Land installation 'seamline'

Our work ‘ SeamLine’ offers us the opportunity to engage with the complexities and legacies  of past interruptions to the Noosa River environs. How do we speak of the forces of humans and nature, of indiscriminate growth and indiscriminate decay and loss? Can we still find the lost fragments of the primitive and wild and make them visible? Can we be satisfied with contemporary composites in the natural environment? In time, will they take on a beauty and force of their own?

site sandbag groin Noosa Woods


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

truth in arts award - WANDERING THIRST WON!

Artists Tamara Kirby (Cooran) and Corrie Wright (Maleny) have won the inaugural ‘Truth in Art Award’ for their work, Wandering Thirst.
Receiving over 100 submissions, the awards challenged artists to interpret the relationship between people, parks and the “inconvenient truth” of climate change, which is affecting the environment and the health and wellbeing of society.

““We are excited about receiving the award. This award allows for the acknowledgment of 'art in the environment' and its importance. For us, the Award reinforces our belief in the capacity of contemporary art to connect with others in different ways. Many thanks to Parks Victoria and everyone involved in the Truth in Art Award, we commend the visionaries in the organisation who understand the impact of art. We are both passionate artists and passionate environmentalists working collaboratively in our own art practices and in the community sector.”

The work 'Wandering Thirst' was supported by The Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Urban Arts Projects.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Monday, July 6, 2009

Toasting - a cast on thousands

...................................................................................................many many thanks

Installation Dream Team
o Drew
o Jack
o Avid
o Malcolm
o Kurt
o Steve
o Birdman
o Anya – cook extraordinaire

o Avid
o Malcolm
o Steve
o Drew – canoe
o Andrew

wetsuit lenders

Framing sponsors – Urban Art Projects
o Brendan Morse – project manger
o Hamish – frame fabricator

o ASAP Plastics
o Siobhan & Udo
Perspex expert
o Peter

Co-collaborators – bottle booth
o Trish
o Mell
o Victoria

Surrogate parents
o Sue & Ron

On site
o Derek & Steve(camping ground mangers)

Floating Land Team
o Christine o Nicole
o Jess o Nina
o Ross o Steve

Special mention to Ross Annels & Susan Coburn for help during one of our daily ‘van’ crises

Sunday, June 14, 2009